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P 109/09: Norske bidrag i Milano

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vigdisPå IFLA-konferansen i Milano er fire norske deltakere som legger fram faglige papers:

I tillegg skal

  • Torny Kjekstad lede plenarsesjonen Culture and art in the world, in Italy and particularly in Milan – med Carla Fracci (Director, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma) som foredragsholder
  • Trine Kolderup Flaten lede sesjonen Digital Library content: what users want and how they use it – der professor Einar Røttingen (University of Bergen, The Grieg Academy Department of Music) er en av foredragsholderne



Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) conceptual model is beginning to gain recognition.

This paper presents FRBR including possibilities and limitations of current standards and practices in terms of expressing the FRBR model. It is claimed that national bibliographies should benefit the most from FRBR, as they contain large quantities of high quality bibliographic data on many works with multiple versions. The paper is in part based on the results of frbrisation of Slovenian national bibliography and two other bibliographic databases. [Abstract]

Islamic Art

The travelling exhibition “The Magic Cloak” is …  a piece of art and an activity pavilion with numerous possibilities.

…  The idea comes from two Swedish librarians – …  and is based on the bilingual picture book “A Journey through Islamic Arts”.  … The original exhibition is produced by Stockholm County Museum in collaboration with two libraries and the Swedish Travelling Exhibitions. The pavilion was made by the Iranian/Swedish glass artist Teymor Zarré and the accompanying music was composed by the musician Coste Apetrea.

The pavilion is no more than 1 metre square – small enough to fit into any library. …  With the pavilion there are floor cushions and small, beautiful carpets to sit on, as well as music equipment with headphones, so that one can sit inside the pavilion and listen to music from the Middle East.

Digital National Library

The 27th of May 2009 the National Library of Norway launched our newest digital service: (The Bookshelf).

The service will make available published copyright-protected material in full text on the net. Within three years about 50.000 copyright-protected books will be available on the net through the National Library’s web-site. The background for this is a contract between the National Library and Kopinor – an organisation who represents right-holders from about 30 different interest organisations, be it authors, publishers, visuals etc.

The National librarian was given the authority to negotiate such a contract with Kopinor from the Minister of Cultural Affairs. The minister himself officially launched the service and said it will be a pilot to see if one can find permanent principal criterias to pay right-holders for giving access to copyright-protected material. [Abstract]





Papers  i kontekst

National Libraries. National libraries in the digital age: leadership and collaboration

Bibliography. Promoting and preserving national bibliographies, our testimony of cultural heritage

Library Services to Multicultural Populations. Creativity and the arts: libraries building on multicultural heritage

Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities. Using technology to give the past a future: the journey from Braille to XML

  • Using new technology to improve existing services at the Norwegian National Library: collaboration between the Norwegian Library for Talking Books and Braille (NLB) and the Norwegian National Library (NB).

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  1. På den engelske Plinius har jeg også tatt med norske bidrag til satellittkonferansene:

    Kommentar av plinius — onsdag, august 5, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

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