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Learning and teaching



PL 61/10: Participatory culture. New report from MacArthur Foundation
Post Crisis: e-skills are needed to drive Europe’s innovation society.

  • This study, commissioned by Microsoft, is based on a survey of 1,370 organizations across the EU as well as in-depth interviews with almost 50 Microsoft business and training partners to explore the impact of the economic situation on key ICT skills issues and analyze the trend of digital competencies required for jobs of the future.

Europa 2030

  • Envisioning Digital Europe 2030: Scenarios for ICT in Future Governance and Policy Modelling.
  • More in APPENDIX



EDUCAUSE . EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. More in APPENDIX

1-on-1 background paper: Current practices, international comparative research evidence and policy implications. Oscar Valiente, OECD/CERI Consultant. DRAFT Background paper, 22-24 February, 2010, Vienna, Austria

Low-cost computer devices, ranging from handhelds to the current reinterpretation of laptops or netbooks, have gained an important market niche. To some, they represent an open window of opportunity in education: by allowing every pupil to connect to the Net and to each other and access valuable resources irrespective of place and time, they cannot only help to bridge the digital divide but to transform education to better suit the needs of networked societies.Interestingly, some developing countries have struggled to realise this opportunity, and in a number of countries there are relevant practices whose results have been already investigated. At the same time, a few, probably less developed countries also have some experiments going on, but many have expressed interest in the netbooks’ potential to realize the 1-to-1 computing model.It is against this context that this international conference should provide an opportunity for engaging in a dialogue, drawing on existing experiences and discussing their benefits and the problems encountered with a forward looking perspective. Both developing and developed countries could benefit from such a discussion.


EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. EDUCAUSE helps those who lead, manage, and use information resources to shape strategic decisions at every level. The current membership comprises more than 2,200 colleges, universities, and educational organizations, including 250 corporations, with more than 17,000 active members.

Resources include:

  • professional development activities
  • applied research
  • strategic policy advocacy
  • teaching and learning initiatives
  • online information services
  • print and electronic publications, including books, monographs, and the magazines EDUCAUSE Quarterly and EDUCAUSE Review
  • special interest collaborative communities
  • awards for leadership and exemplary practices

Europa 2030

Envisioning Digital Europe 2030: Scenarios for ICT in Future Governance and Policy Modelling.
This report is the result of research conducted in 2010 by the Information Society Unit of IPTS as part of the CROSSROAD Project – A Participative Roadmap for ICT research on Electronic Governance and Policy Modelling.

CROSSROAD links very diverse research disciplines with practitioners’ views and policy makers’ concerns, through a multi-stakeholder and participatory approach, in order to build a unified vision of the future.
Overall, the research aims to push the boundaries of traditional eGovernment research and help resolve the complex societal challenges Europe is facing by the application of ICT-enabled innovations and collaborative policy modelling approaches, which include the harnessing of collective intelligence, agent-based modelling, visual analytics and simulation, just to mention a few.

Innovation, sustainability, economic recovery and growth will in fact depend more and more on the ability of policy makers to envision clearly and effectively both the root causes and the possible solutions to complex, globalised issues.

This research sets out to help policy makers implement the Digital Agenda for Europe, the flagship initiative of the EU2020 strategy that aims to increase growth and competitiveness of the EU in the fast evolving global landscape, and address the grand challenges our world is confronted with today. In this report, we look at the future of ICT-enabled governance and develop a vision of the role of ICT research in shaping a digital European society in 2030 through four thought-provoking visionary scenarios.

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  1. Den svenske Teknikdelegationen har nylig publisert forskningsoversikten «Framtidens lärande, i dagens skola? Internationell forskningsöversikt kring IKT och skola». Oversikten er ført i pennen av Torbjörn Skarin fra Metamatrix.

    Rapporten kan lastes ned i pdf-format

    Kommentar av plinius — fredag, mars 5, 2010 @ 12:35 am

  2. […] – blir stadig klarere. Den ene strategirapporten etter den andre dumper inn. Nå har jeg laget en liste. Her bruker jeg den nyeste EU-rapporten, som havnet på mitt virtuelle skrivebord i forrige uke, […]

    Tilbakeping av SK 11/10 « Plinius — mandag, mars 22, 2010 @ 11:32 am

  3. […] jeg også flittig om dette – se under. Dessuten bygger jeg på en god del internasjonale rapporter og trendanalyser (se Big change. Learning and teaching in a digital […]

    Tilbakeping av P 74/10: Høyskoledebatt « Plinius — lørdag, april 10, 2010 @ 2:36 pm

  4. […] REPORTS […]

    Tilbakeping av P 183/11: Lær av Gjøvik « Plinius — lørdag, desember 3, 2011 @ 1:21 pm

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