Porto 2009

Count the traffic

Count the traffic (CTT) is a method for systematic mapping of user activities in libraries and other visitor oriented institutions.

I am giving a workshop on CTT on Thursday January 29, 2009, at the student organized BOBCATSSS conference in Porto (Portugal). The workshop includes practical exercises in observation.


1130-1150. Presentation

1150-1230. Practice in small groups

  • Phase 1: Define zones and activities
  • Phase 2: Carry out observation
  • Phase 3: Compute results

1230-1300. Present results and discuss the exercise


Background and contact information

Tord Høivik, b. 1942, teaches statistics, e-learning and digital library subjects at Oslo University College. He blogs in English at and in Norwegian at

Tord is a member of the IFLA Statistics and Evaluation Section – and one of the directors of the international summer course LATINA, which stands for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World. Feel free to contact me if you want more information about either.

My e-mail address is – and my phone: 0047 97 543 721

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